Complete guide to become a successful freelance

Becoming a freelancer or freelancer is a goal for everyone. It is enough to have or identify an expertise and be willing to put his expertise to the service of customers. To become a self-employed worker in Cameroon, simply create an account on a site dedicated to this business. In order to be attractive, it is important that you optimize your profile in every detail.

We propose to accompany you in your change process through this guide.

Where to register?

The Cameroonian labor market offers some opportunities. A freelancer has the opportunity to register on sites such as:

But not only ! International platforms can offer you market potential. We can mention among others some interesting sites to join:

Your approach in a few steps

Create your profile

The creation of a freelance profile is a decisive step for an independent worker. It is an open window that will allow your potential customers to better identify you. This is your business card so it is necessary to treat it as much as possible. Be simple, precise, and synthetic. Care must be taken with its syntax and spelling. Feel free to re-read and have a third person proofread you.

Choosing a digital platform adapted to your field of activity is crucial. You will be better able to meet the needs of your customers and be solicited accordingly.

Good to know: Most of these platforms ask their registrants for the same type of information:

  • Select your area of expertise
  • Register his identity (first and last name). It is better to avoid pseudonyms
  • Register personal information (email, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Read and approve the conditions of use (necessary to use the platform)
  • Add a profesionnal profile photo
  • Add your resume
  • Add your professional experiences with as much details as you can. Exercise sometimes difficult because you have to avoid being too long.

Some platforms allow you to choose several trades. You must try to choose the skills that come close to it. For example, if you want to practice in the digital world:

  • If you have technical skills in IT, you can choose the profile of Web Project Manager, Programmer, Web Developer
  • If you have skills in marketing, communication or customer service, you can go to the "community manager" or web editor.

It only remains to validate and publish your profile. That's it, you're officially part of the freelance community.

Important to note: Some sites have a validation procedure before making the newly created profile active. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as it is finalized.

Go to meet your customers

Finding customers is one of the biggest issues. Anticipating is the key. It is essential to set up a prospect generator. The goal is to attract potential customers, to encourage them to action and why not to retain them.

You could also :

  • Collaborate with other freelancers in your area of expertise. They can guide you on opportunities and / or where necessary be a reinforcement on some projects or supplement them.
  • Self marketing by contacting your prospects by email and showing them your achievements and successes encountered.
  • Respond to calls for projects published on freelance sites such as or

The website is a platform that offers a variety of missions. The areas concerned are mainly IT, web trades, maintenance, sales or DIY.  On you will also discover missions for freelancers and auto-entrepreneurs.

Manage customers and billing

Who says customer says billing. Depending on the evolution of your business, you will have to manage a portfolio of significant customers as well as associated invoices. It is important to learn how to organize quickly and put in place good practices. To achieve this, here are some software that could serve you:

  • Online Invoices : is a billing software very useful to the self-employed. It will allow you to make bills for local or international customers.
  • Invoicera: is an interesting billing software.

Self Training

Like any job, it is necessary to train regularly. Online training will allow you to raise your expertise in specific areas.

Google offers free training for mastering digital tools:Google Digital Workshops. This training is sanctioned with a certificate very appreciated and recognized by some customers. Some platforms such as mutinerie school and many others also allow you to train from a distance.

In addition, some sites offer training exclusively for freelancers, see udemy or coursera.


Working as a freelancer offers many benefits. Indeed, a freelancer can choose to work at the customer or remotely. It all depends of course on the type of services he provides.

If you are a web expert, copywriter, translator or customer advisor, you can always work on your premises or even at home.

On the other hand, if you are specialized in performing physical services such as mainframe troubleshooting or maintenance, you will be obliged to travel to the customer.

You have all the keys in hand to get started, so don't wait!

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